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What are some Australian Phrases?


Vegies vegetables
Verbal diarrhoea talking utter rubbish
you must have been Vaccinated with a gramophone needle! old slang phrase for talking to much

What is Aust. Literature 20th century?

H's #1

noun the wife; missus; girlfriend; female partner
`The handbrake wouldn't let me'
hit his kick
colloquialism reached into his pocket (usually to pay for a round of drinks)
'Thommo hit his kick and bought us all a beer.'

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What is aussie slang?


He has a few roos loose in the top paddock - Stupid
He couldn't lie straight in bed - Dishonest person, liar.
I'm so hungry I could eat a horse and chase the jockey - Hungry.
You've got a face like a wet weekend - Miserable
It's better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick - Better than nothing........
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What are the physical aspects of Australia?

K's #1

noun metal drum of beer, usually 5 or 10 gallons, popular at parties and barbies (see)
'They knocked the first keg over by 6.00 and had to get another one from the pub (see)'

noun testicles (see also `love spuds', `nuts')
`As painful as a wax job on your knackers'
adjective puzzled ('It's got me knackered'); extremely tired ('I'm knackered')
knock off
colloq to steal
'Some bastard's knocked off me beer!'
Also, to finish work for the day

What is an Australian Terrier?

R's #1

noun hard-on; stiffy; woody; boner; erection
'I had a Rajah a cat could sharpen his claws on'
noun relatives
'Had to put up with missus's rellies all weekend!'
roo dog
noun literally 'kangaroo dog"; large, lean dog originally bred specifically for hunting kangaroos
noun or verb intercourse; intercourse; shag; screw
`I wouldn't mind a root!'
ALSO `I was rooted!' (exhausted; tired; shagged; screwed)
roustabout; rouseabout
noun general labourer on a station (farm)
rubbish bin
noun trashcan; garbage can

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What are some Australian Phrases?


catch some ZZZ's go for a sleep
Zonked really really tied
Zebra crossing broad striped paint lines as a pedestrain crossing of a roadway
Zits acne
Zack was a sixpence which is now a five cents

What is an Australian Terrier?

B's #1

barbie: noun barbecue
bastard: noun illegitimate; mean; great person (usu. male)
`G'day, you old bastard!' (friendly greeting)
`He's a mean bastard!' (unpleasant; despicable)
`He's as happy as a bastard on Father's Day!'
(`extremely pleased' - colloquialism)
Bex: noun painkiller (tradename)
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What are some Australian Phrases?


yabbies small freshwater crayfish (lobster)
`He's a bit of a yobbo'
hard Yakka hard work
tell you a Yarn tell a story that maybe true or it might not be, that's for them to work out
Yapping talking none stop
Yahoo loudmouthed person which usually out of control in some way
Yobbo same as a yahoo but no values at all, looks like a slob always
noun (Latin: yobbus vulgaris); larrikin (see); wanker;
see you Yewse latter see you you all latter
Yabbie freshwater Australian crayfish
Ya tellin me someone said something you agree with, you say thatis
Yank American
Yacking talking a lot
your Yanking my chain or don't Yank my chain your telling a lie
Yarn Someone telling a fictional story
Yonks a long period of time

What are some Australian Phrases?

K's #2

I going for a Kip short rest or sleep or nap
Knock shop a house of prostitution
she Knocked me back she didn't want to have sex with you
she's Knocked up she is pregnant
I Knocked off work time to go home from work
Knock something you criticise it
Knock-off a counterfeit product
get Knotted! is a angry way of say go now
you Kick the bucket you are dead
pack your Kit pack up all your belongings or your possessions
Kiwi someone who live in New Zealand (New Zealander)
you Know! mostly used by people who do not know what they are talking about, and hope
you do (habit phrase some aussies use on the end of a sentence)
you must have Kangaroos loose in the top paddock you going a little crazy
Kafuffle argument Or a disturbance
Keen as mustard enthusiastic about something
Knackers male testicles
Knickers female underwear
what do you Know? someone is try to open a discussion with you, in a friendly way
Kindy kindergarden
Kark to die
Kangaroo court people judging you in what they think you are doing wrong
cunning Kick hiding money from the wife
Kick in contribute money to something
Kick put money a side for later Kafuffle a disturbance of somekind


What are some Australian Phrases?


wacky weed/wacky backy/weed
colloq marijuana; also 'electric spinach', Dakka, pot,

noun chronic masturbator; verb to wank
`I've given up wanking!' (Not really, Kev)
noun Wellington boots; galoshes; overshoes
Wet, the
colloq The tropical rainy season, usually December to March
'Cairns is stinkin' bloody hot in the Wet'
noun; Ab. colloquial wine, usually in a flagon (see) or cask

noun killjoy; teetotaller; prude; do-gooder
`He's a fuckin' wowser'

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What is Aust. Literature 20th century?

L's #1

noun harmless prankster; cheeky; irreverent
`My kid's a fair dinkum (see) little larrikin'

noun sweets; confectionery
`I gave her flowers and lollies'
love spuds
noun testicles (see also `knackers', `nuts')
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What are some Australian Phrases?


undies: underwear
Up yourself full of yourself
Underdaks or undees underpants
Um-ah indecisive or can be doing something wrong
Uee or Uwe doing a U turn
someone got Up your nose they've really upset you and irritated and annoying you
Uni University
Ute utility (in the USA a pickup truck)
Up the gumtree someone that got them self in a spot of trouble, in a quandary
get the frog untied to depart or leave, hit the road
Up shit creek things are going wrong for you

What is Aussie slang?


x it out cross it out or erase something

What are some Australian Phrases?

O's #2

Ocker Aussie that likes beer, sport and women and uncultured
good On ya mate well done there mate
Ooroo goodbye
Oz Australia
Outback remote part of Australia
Once over giving something the look over or checking it out
One armed bandit poker machine (sad to say the arm is being replaced by a button)
bun in the Oven pregnant
Off the beaten Track on a road not used very much, to no road at all or in a remote part of
Off like a brides nightie leave very quickly OR a stinks
Oldies parents
Off like a bucket of prawns in the hot sun leaving very quickly
Off-sider assistant or partner
Oy! a Aussie bush call
Ow-yar-goin how are you going?
Overlander driving sheep or cattle overlong distance in the outback
Out house tiolet (coming from the old days when a tiolet was down the backyard
Old's parents

What are some Australian Phrases?

S's #1

septic; septic tank
noun An American (affectionately); rhyming slang (Septic tank = Yank)
`Jeez, youse septics are a funny bunch of blokes (see)!'
noun female; woman
`She's a top sheila!'
shit (itself)
colloq broke down in a major way; beyond repair
My bloody car's shit itself at last!
noun toilet; dunny (see); US='bathroom'
adjective awful; terrible
'I feel totally shithouse this mornin'.'

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What are some Australian Phrases?


Webber. A kind of barbecue involving a sort of kettle lid and specially bought charcoal and fire. There's a Webber in almost every Australian home and anything cooked in a webber tastes great mate. The only real disadvantage to this bastion of barbecueing devices is that no matter what time you start cooking anything in a webber it's never ready to eat untill about 11pm. Hence the phrase ready by eleven.

What is Aust. Literature 20th century?

N's #1

noun nude (see also `nuddie')
`Do you sleep in the nick?'
noun nightdress
'Saw his missus (see) in her flannelette nightie -- horrible sight!'
nuddy; nuddie
noun nude; (in the) nick (see)
noun testicles (see also `knackers', `love spuds')
`She kneed me in the nuts!'

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what is slang?

P's #2

Prang automotive crash
Pull your head in mate tell them to mind their own business
Put up or shut up show you can do it or say it or keep quite
you are Raw Prawn you are easy to deceive
Postie Postman, mail delivery person
you Pong you smell or have a unpleasant odour

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What are some Australian Phrases?


see you in a Jiffy they see you in a short time
any old Joe blow will tell you any one you don't even know will tell you (someone
you do not know the name of)
I will Job you! I will hit you or punch you
had to use the Jerry its a pot under the bed if you need to go in the middle of the night
the thing is Jigged its broken or no long useful
I will fix your Jack and Jill I will pay your bill, usually in a restaurant
Just down the road someone says this, ask for more details because this could be 100
yards to a 1000 miles away
Jocks male underpants
Jumper usually a woolen a sweater
Jumbuck sheep
Journo journalist
Jaked broken
Jack of that you a feed up with something
down the John off to the tiolet
Jackaroo or Jillaroo trainee male or female Cattle Station hand
bye Jingos! exclamation of wonder
Jack-in-the-box someone who can not sit still
Joe Bloggs you are refering to the average citizen
Jaffle toasted sandwich (toasty toast)
Jack Dancer Cancer
Joe Blake a snake
Jarmies Pyjamas, bed clothes
Joker a male person, that you are unsure about

What are some Australian Phrases?


Ivories your teeth (to tickle ivories) to play the piano
something is bit Iffy its risky or suspect
you give me the Irrits they're extremely irritating
Idiot box television set
Illywhacker a stick for smacking a child with(not allowed to do anymore) I guess it makes you
ill, when you get hit. (not something I enjoyed as a kid)
you give me Irrits you are very irritating
Iffy something is questionable
Interesting !!!! used when someone asks how something looks or tastes and it is terrible

What are some Australian Phrases?

C's #1

noun gaol; also (can) of beer
interj Come on!
Carn you bastards, get a move on!'
noun a cardboard box of beer; usually 24 tinnies (see) or stubbies (see) or 12 bottles
'There's a piss-up (see) at my house -- bring a carton with ya!'
noun a carpenter

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What is an Australian Terrier?

O's #1

old man
noun (usually) father
`Her old man hates me'
Outback (the)
noun bush (see); the remote country areas of Australia
`I've been Outback for a few weeks'

What are some Australian Phrases?

E's #1

getting a good Earbashing someone talking to you a long time
Elbow grease working hard (digging etc)
I could Eat a horse, and chase the jockey you are very very hungry
Esky large insulated box which you put ice bricks in, to keep food and drink cold(beer)
Evo evening
the day the Eagle shits pay day
phone is Engaged phone is busy

What are some Australian Phrases?

F's #1

Face fungus man's beard, hair on the face
Five finger discount shoplifting
Fibber someone who tell lies
Funny farm mental institution
Full as a boot drunk
Flat chat or Flat out going very fast what ever they're doing
Fat chance someone has little to no chance of something happening
Fair dinkum someone really genuine

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what is slang?


Quid money
Quack doctor
not the full Quid short on brains

What are some Australian Phrases?


you are a Galah loud, rudely behaved person
Ga day or G 'day a freindly welcome (same as hello or hi)
Gasbag talking alot
what's your Game what are you up to, something going on that is wrong
Good oh okay
Guffing off someone who is lazy
Grizzle complaining person

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What are some Australian Phrases?


noun rubber sandals also known as `Japanese Riding Boots'
noun cans (tins) of beer
he's got Tickets on himself this person thinks they are the greatest, highly self opinionated
hang on a Tick wait a short moment
Thunder box toilet

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What is Aust. Literature 20th century?

M's #1

noun friend; cobber (see); familiar term of address among men, similar to US `buddy'
`This here's Raysie, me best mate'
noun vagina; hence 'mickey whisker' = pubic hair OR, colloquially, a very short distance/measurement
'We shaved a mickey whisker off the bottom of the door to get it to fit.'
noun wife; the handbrake (see)
'I took me missus down the pub (see) last night.'

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what is slang?

D's #1

noun trousers (from tradename)
noun term of endearment; contraction of "Darling"
adjective absolute; certain; without doubt
`He's a deadset wanker'
noun derelict (US `bum')
`He's turned into a fair dinkum old derro'
Dingo, Ernie
proper noun Popular Australian Aboriginal media star/actor
adjective genuine; true (see also 'fair dinkum')

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What are the Aboriginal languages of Australia?

A's #1

Abos : colloquial contraction of "Aborigines"; not necessarily meant pejoratively, but nearly always perceived that way!
arse noun butt; bum; freckle
arsehole: noun `He's a fair dinkum (see) arsehole' (as in `jerk')
arvo: noun afternoon (shortened)
'Goin' to the footie this arvo?'
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