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Have sheep always been important in Australia?

Pioneer Days

Two centuries ago, the first European colonists settled in Australia bringing sheep and other livestock with them. As with all pioneer lifestyles, it was necessary to completely use everything available. Sheep were used as a cash crop, for barter, for food, for clothing and many other purposes. Over the years, sheep became the major crop and major export for the entire continent. Due to the dominance of the sheep industry in the country's economy, Australia was said to ride on the sheep's back.

Can I wash my sheepskin boots?


Another great feature of authentic sheepskin boots and slippers is that they are totally washable. Hand wash using a mild liquid hand soap or a cleaner specifically designed for sheepskin. Do not use detergents or wool wash. Sheepskin boots or slippers should be rinsed well in cool clear water. Air dry, toe up, naturally and slowly, away from direct heat or sunlight. Do not dry in the dryer as it dries out and stiffens the leather. Reshape by stuffing with a paper towel. Proper care and washing will help maintain and prolong the life of your sheepskin slippers and boots.

Do sheepskin boots make sense for active kids?

Kids Sheepskin Boots

Sheepskin boots are great for the entire family, including all the kids. Sheepskin boots are washable and come in a variety of styles and colors, so they are perfect for kids who want a stylish and yet practical wardrobe accessory. Kids sheepskin boots will keep their feet warm in winter, cool in summer, and happy any day of the year!

How can I tell if I have fleece on the inside of my slippers?

Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers are appearing more and more frequently as the popularity of sheepskin boots and slippers has grown. These Ugg boot look-alikes use synthetic fiber linings and a variety of different outers but lose all of the positive qualities that are an integral part of the double-faced sheepskin boots. These synthetics are substituted strictly for cost reasons and they are identifiable by their totally different feel and look. They cause many wearers to have sweaty, uncomfortable, and some might even say unhappy feet.

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