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Where can I learn Printing in Australia?

Nature Care College - Natural Therapies Education

Nature Care College of Naturopathic & Traditional Medicine, established in 1973, is Australia's largest and most respected college of natural therapies and alternative medicine located in Sydney. The college offers over 75 complementary therapy courses including government accredited courses for local and international study in naturopathy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, life coaching, counselling, shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, ayurveda, nutrition, energetic & spiritual healing, kinesiology, and many more.

What is Aust. Literature 20th century?

The System

Education in Australia is primarily the responsibility of the individual states. In each state administration, the training and recruiting of teachers are centralized under an education department. Education is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 15 in all the states except Tasmania, where the upper age limit is 16. Most children start their schooling at the age of 5. State schools provide free secular education; students may attend religious classes offered by the clergy of various denominations. About 72 percent of students attend state schools. In addition to the state school system there are private schools, which are usually denominational and charge tuition fees. The majority of the private schools are Catholic. Some private schools, which in some states are called public schools as in Britain, accept day students and boarders. Schooling is provided at kindergartens and play centers for children from 2 to 6 years of age. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation conducts broadcasts for kindergarten children unable to attend such centers. Special provisions are made for children in isolated areas. These include Schools of the Air—where children use two-way radios, television sets, video and cassette recorders, and computers to participate in classroom instruction—and correspondence schools.

Most children transfer from the primary to the secondary school level at the age of 12. Secondary schools, known as high schools and junior technical schools, provide five- or six-year courses that enable students to prepare for state examinations for university entrance. The commonwealth government conducts the educational program for all children in the territories. In 1995 Australia had nearly 10,000 primary and secondary schools, with an annual enrollment of 1.9 million primary students and 2.4 million secondary students.

What are some NSW Schools?

Australian Schools List

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How do I find information in Australia?

The Australian School of Outdoor Technical Training

Our qualifications are nationally recognised, fully transferable and will be acknowledged by employers, government bodies and other educational organisations Australia wide.

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What is TAFE?

TAFE description

The TAFE (Technical, Adult and Further Education) system in Australia is a great one.

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What is education in Australia?

Specialized Schools

Specialized Schools
The commonwealth government maintains training colleges for the defense services, the Australian Forestry School in Canberra and the School of Pacific Administration in Sydney, which conduct training programs that are attended primarily by civil service administrators from Papua New Guinea. The government also maintains the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, the Australian Maritime College, and the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

What are some Western Australian Schools?

ACT Elementary Schools

1. AME School Canberra
2. Calwell Primary School Canberra
3. Canberra Church of England Girls' Grammar School Canberra
4. Canberra Grammar School Canberra
5. Garran Primary School Canberra
6. Marist College Canberra Canberra
7. Monash Primary School Canberra
8. Mount Neighbour Primary School Kambah
9. Palmerston District Primary School Canberra
10. St. Edmund's College Canberra Canberra
11. Saint John the Apostle Primary School Canberra
12. Saint John Vianney's Primary Waramanga
13. St Thomas Aquinas Primary School Canberra
14. Telopea Park School Canberra
15. Wanniassa Hills Primary School Canberra

What is education in Australia?

Universities and Colleges

Universities and Colleges
In the early 1990s Australia had 37 universities, including two significant private institutions, and a large number of colleges offering advanced education in specific subject areas. Their combined annual enrollment in 1997 was 1,041,648. Among the leading universities are the Australian National University (founded in 1946), in the Australian Capital Territory; Macquarie University (1964), the University of New South Wales (1948), and the University of Sydney (1850), in New South Wales; the University of Queensland (1910); the University of Adelaide (1874), in South Australia; the University of Tasmania (1890); La Trobe University (1964), the University of Melbourne (1853), and Monash University (1958), in Victoria; and the University of Western Australia (1911).

How do I reach my leadership potential?


A recent survey of Fortune 500 companies revealed that one of the most important qualities they look for among those they mark for leadership roles is the ability to make decisions. How are you doing? Do you ever feel like the centipede that was told to put its best foot forward? When you're having trouble making a decision, try these six preliminary questions.....
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Where can I get Outdoor Technical Training in Australia?

The print studio

The print studio has excellent facilities in etching, relief printing, screen printing and lithography along with darkrooms for film processing and photo screen preparation. The studio also houses a dedicated Macintosh Digital laboratory and supplies studio space for all print major students.

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