K's #2

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What are some Australian Phrases?

K's #2

I going for a Kip short rest or sleep or nap
Knock shop a house of prostitution
she Knocked me back she didn't want to have sex with you
she's Knocked up she is pregnant
I Knocked off work time to go home from work
Knock something you criticise it
Knock-off a counterfeit product
get Knotted! is a angry way of say go now
you Kick the bucket you are dead
pack your Kit pack up all your belongings or your possessions
Kiwi someone who live in New Zealand (New Zealander)
you Know! mostly used by people who do not know what they are talking about, and hope
you do (habit phrase some aussies use on the end of a sentence)
you must have Kangaroos loose in the top paddock you going a little crazy
Kafuffle argument Or a disturbance
Keen as mustard enthusiastic about something
Knackers male testicles
Knickers female underwear
what do you Know? someone is try to open a discussion with you, in a friendly way
Kindy kindergarden
Kark to die
Kangaroo court people judging you in what they think you are doing wrong
cunning Kick hiding money from the wife
Kick in contribute money to something
Kick put money a side for later Kafuffle a disturbance of somekind




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