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What are some Australian Phrases?


see you in a Jiffy they see you in a short time
any old Joe blow will tell you any one you don't even know will tell you (someone
you do not know the name of)
I will Job you! I will hit you or punch you
had to use the Jerry its a pot under the bed if you need to go in the middle of the night
the thing is Jigged its broken or no long useful
I will fix your Jack and Jill I will pay your bill, usually in a restaurant
Just down the road someone says this, ask for more details because this could be 100
yards to a 1000 miles away
Jocks male underpants
Jumper usually a woolen a sweater
Jumbuck sheep
Journo journalist
Jaked broken
Jack of that you a feed up with something
down the John off to the tiolet
Jackaroo or Jillaroo trainee male or female Cattle Station hand
bye Jingos! exclamation of wonder
Jack-in-the-box someone who can not sit still
Joe Bloggs you are refering to the average citizen
Jaffle toasted sandwich (toasty toast)
Jack Dancer Cancer
Joe Blake a snake
Jarmies Pyjamas, bed clothes
Joker a male person, that you are unsure about



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