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What are some Australian Phrases?


yabbies small freshwater crayfish (lobster)
`He's a bit of a yobbo'
hard Yakka hard work
tell you a Yarn tell a story that maybe true or it might not be, that's for them to work out
Yapping talking none stop
Yahoo loudmouthed person which usually out of control in some way
Yobbo same as a yahoo but no values at all, looks like a slob always
noun (Latin: yobbus vulgaris); larrikin (see); wanker;
see you Yewse latter see you you all latter
Yabbie freshwater Australian crayfish
Ya tellin me someone said something you agree with, you say thatis
Yank American
Yacking talking a lot
your Yanking my chain or don't Yank my chain your telling a lie
Yarn Someone telling a fictional story
Yonks a long period of time



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