Purchasing Uggs

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Where can I buy authentic Ugg Australia boots?

Purchasing Uggs

Getting Ugg boots? Purchasing a pair of genuine sheepskin Ugg boots or slippers will reward you with many, many years of warmth and comfort with a high degree of serviceability. There are numerous brands available including Ugg Australia, Jumbucks, and Koolaburra. The world's best sheepskins come from Australia and are from Merino sheep. When purchasing Ugg or other sheepskin boots check to ensure they are made from a natural, double-faced hide. This will provide you with the highest quality sheepskin footwear available. They will be available in many styles, such as: tall and short boots with a variety of styles and soles; ankle high slippers with outdoor, indoor/outdoor, and sheepskin soles; open backed slip on clog like slippers; and low-cut step-in slippers. All of these genuine sheepskin boots and slippers should be washable and some are designed to be worn outside in serious ice and snow conditions. Have a look at what is available and then enjoy one of Australia's icons, genuine sheepskin footwear



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