Athlete's Foot Treatment

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Can I use tea tree oil to cure athletes foot?

Athlete's Foot Treatment

Want to learn more tea tree oil tips? Tea tree oil offers a natural cure for the annoying problem of athlete's foot. This condition is caused by a fungus infection of the skin that most frequently occurs between the toes, but can appear anywhere on the feet. If left untreated the condition can spread to other parts of the foot and body. Symptoms include dry and itchy lesions in the milder forms. Athlete's foot is commonly associated with a fungal nail infection. To be rid of this condition, simply treat the affected area twice per day with pure tea tree oil. Continue the treatment for some time after the symptoms disappear in order to prevent their return. There is also a foot powder and a foot spray available to help keep your feet dry and for general hygiene purposes. Tea tree oil skin benefits even go all the way down to the soles of your feet.



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