Australian Tea (Dinner)

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What main dish would I have for dinner?

Australian Tea (Dinner)

Evening tea (or dinner) consists of the main meal dish, usually meat, although a growing percentage of Aussies are becoming vegetarian. It will be served with lots of fresh vegetables from the backyard garden or a local market. Because of weather factors most Australians have backyard gardens which they keep going most of the year in all but the most southerly environs. There is also an abundance of small local market shops in cities and towns where daily shopping for fresh foods and produce is a tradition, although they now have to fight with the large chains based on or imported from America. Potato and pumpkin are still very much a staple. Pumpkins are often “Blue Knobs” or “Queensland Blues,” very meaty and delicious. Salads with cold meats, chutney and pickles or seafoods (prawns, crab, etc.) are very popular as most people enjoy many months of long, hot summers. This is often followed by sweets (dessert) of a wide range. Of course, as Australian culture and the ethnic makeup of the country changes, the traditional Australian foodsAustralian foods give way to a more diverse range of options and the development of a new Australian food culture and history.



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just joking this is wonderful

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how about some shit on toast?

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how about some shit on toast?


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