Australian Breakfast

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What is a traditional Australian breakfast like?

Australian Breakfast

Breakfast is normally an early meal to get you started before the heat of the day arrives. There will be a variety of foods served based on local weather, local food tradition, and the amount of physical labor involved in one's day. Typical traditional food favorites would include: cereals such as Weet Bix and Vita Brits (whole wheat biscuits) with milk, honey, European muesli and fresh fruit, or for the winter, hot porridge (oatmeal) with milk and a dab of butter melting in the top of it all; toast and marmalade jam and other fruit jams, local honeys, and of course that all time favorite Vegemite; and for the heartier appetites we have Aussie sausages, steak and eggs, bacon, bubble and squeak (left over from the night before cabbage, potato and pumpkin all fried up). Of course, no real Aussie meal would be complete without a cup of tea or maybe two, or three. As with peoples all around the world, Australian breakfasts are determined by Australian culture and food history.



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