Morning and Afternoon Tea

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Can I buy Billy tea or Bushells tea anywhere in the states?

Morning and Afternoon Tea

Tea is a very strong tradition carried over from English and colonial heritage. Morning and afternoon tea is still celebrated in almost ritual form throughout the country. Loose tea is the tradition but the convenience of tea bags are making their impact. Teas are many, including Nerada, Kinkarra, Bushells, Madura, and Billy Tea brands. Tea is served with or without milk and sugar and is usually served with a wide variety of biscuits (cookies), tarts, scones, cakes or pastries. Favorites might include items like Lamingtons, Tim Tams, Scotch Fingers, Iced Vovos, Shortbread Creams, etc. The icon of biscuit (cookie) makers in Australia is Arnott's. In some job site situations where making tea is not possible, it is often replaced with chocolate milk. Coffee is gaining popularity including in its more sophisticated forms and combinations, as in the Italian coffee shop tradition. Additional coffee traditions have come to Australia with emigrants from countries like Greece and Turkey.



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