Australian Food Heritage

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What is Australia's food heritage?

Australian Food Heritage

If you travel to Australia, you will find that Australian food is as varied as its cultural heritage. Australian food recipes include many ethnic dishes from Asian and European influences. The first settlers and early immigrants brought with them traditional English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish recipes. This led to an early dominance of sheep, dairy, and beef industries to feed the population as well as providing food exports back to England. Traditional diets would have included foods like lamb, mutton, wild game, eggs, butter, cheeses, potatoes, and other vegetables, fish, cakes and puddings. Although the Australian Aboriginal people had survived for eons without planting, little attention was paid to their food gathering processes until very recently. Aboriginal “bush tucker” is now very much in demand.



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There is a great Aussie site that offers a wide range of genuine Australian foods and recipes. The site I think is


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