Bushed Pork Fillet

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How can I make brushed pork fillet?

Bushed Pork Fillet

Bushed Pork Filet. 4 pork filets; 200g Warrigal greens; 16 Bunya nut halves, boiled, shelled and sliced; 150g spreadable Kakadu plum; 20g Munthari; pinch salt; pinch pepper; 225ml Kakadu plum and port wine sauce; 1 lt pork stock. Sauce: 150ml demi glace; 50ml port wine; 30g spreadable Kakadu plum. Method: Butterfly the pork filet lengthwise and flatten with a meat mallet. Place Warrigal greens, spreadable Kakadu plum, Muntharies, and Bunya nut slices on the pork. Season with salt and pepper. Roll the filet and secure it with tooth picks. Place in a tray and cover with the stock and poach for approximately 20-30 minutes. Heat demi glace, port wine, and Kakadu plum spread in a pot and simmer. Serve sliced pork fillet on some of the sauce.



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