Burdekin Plum

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What is the burdekin plum plant and what are its properties?

Burdekin Plum

Burdekin Plum Plant. Botanical name: Pleiogynium timorense. It is a tree to 12 m, and is found in the drier scrubs. The leaves have 4 to 10 glossy green leaflets. There are separate male and female flowers. The purple-black fruits are up to 40 mm across, and have a large woody, pumpkin shaped seed. Two types are known - one has red flesh, the other has green. Usage: Fruits tend to be very acid. They are not edible straight from the tree, but need to be held for some days to soften and mellow. Early settlers, and probably aborigines, were known to bury them in the ground for a while, which had the effect of softening them and increasing palatability. The fruit can be eaten raw, or used in jams and jellies.



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burdenkin-plum said:

recipes with this ingredient

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gina said:

where can i find a recipe for this fruit burdiken plum


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