Bungwall Fern

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What is Bungwall fern?

Bungwall Fern

Bungwall Fern. Botanical name: Blechnum indicum. This fern has fronds to 1m length. It grows in swampy areas in many Queensland districts. While known as Bungwall by aborigines in Moreton Bay, further north it is called Dugal. Uses: The tuberous root was soaked, roasted, and ground on grinding stones to make flour, and then cooked to make "johnny cake." Source: Plants - Bush Tucker Medicinal and Other Uses of Minjerribah - Iselin & Shipway



3/21/2007 8:10:54 PM
Tanneill said:

I need to know the nutritional value for the bungwall fern. it's for an assignment so if anyone knows that would be really helpful.

5/26/2009 12:09:40 AM
anon said:

why dont you find or give a recipe for johnny cakes some of us might like to see how it was realy done

2/29/2012 10:53:40 PM
Emma Meehan said:

Great info


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