Akudjura crusted blackened salmon cutlets

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How can I make akudjura blackened salmon cutlets?

Akudjura crusted blackened salmon cutlets

Welcome to the modern Australian native cuisine. These recipes give you some clues on how to use unique Australian ingredients. We trust you will find your favorites and hope your visits are frequent and rewarding. Akudjura crusted blackened salmon cutlets: 4 salmon cutlets; 4 tablespoons akudjura; 1 egg, beaten; butter for frying. Brush one surface of the cutlets with the egg and coat thickly with the akudjura. Heat the butter in a frying pan to smoking and fry the unseasoned side of each cutlet until cooked half way through. Turn the cutlets over and finish frying, blackening the akudjura. Using tongs, remove the backbone and long bones and serve the cutlets with a native pepperberry potato cake or prepared lemon myrtle fettuccine. Drizzle the plate with a thin lemon aspen honey soy sauce.



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