Use Your Tongue

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How should I hold my tongue when playing my didgeridoo?

Use Your Tongue

After you get the drone working well and your lips get strong and efficient it's time to start using your tongue to change the sound you are producing. Remember that any way you change the air flow, you change the sound. And your tongue sits right in the middle of things. Begin by making your drone and then touching the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, release it and return your tongue to its normal position, flat on the floor of your mouth. Each time you touch and release you will get a sound change that creates a "da" sound. This is an easy way to create rhythms. Try it. Also while making your drone, try moving your tongue backwards and forwards in your mouth. This will create a very distinct sound which will be like raising and lowering the pitch of the drone you are making. Also try a side-to-side movement and see what you get. Another very interesting technique is doing a tongue flutter or trill while making your drone. It has a very interesting effect. Try it. Remember that the didgeridoo is pretty much a monotonal instrument, so changing sounds and creating rhythm patterns is important to advancing your playing skills.



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