Tight Lip - Loose Lip

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What is the secret to making the right drone sound?

Tight Lip - Loose Lip

More didgeridoo tips deal with your lips and the importance of making them loose or tight, because the secret to making the drone sound is in making the buzz with your lips. If you make a lip buzz into the didgeridoo and it comes out as a high pitched trumpet kind of sound, you need to loosen your lips gradually as you blow until you get the lower droning sound. If, when you make your buzz into the didgeridoo, you get a lot of the sound of just air coming out the other end, your lips are too far apart. Bring them slowly closer together while you blow and when you reach just the right point you will get the correct drone sound. Practice with different degrees of lip tightness adjusting as described above and your lips will quickly learn and remember the correct relaxed buzz that will start you on your way to being a didgeridoo player.



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