The Drone

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How do I play a didgeridoo?

The Drone

The basic sound of the didgeridoo is called the drone. It is that unmistakable sound that you often hear in commercials and movie soundtracks. The sound grabs your attention even though you might not know what it is you are hearing (usually a low, penetrating sound, the original synthesizer). The sound is created by a loose lip buzz (more like a tuba lip than a tight trumpet lip) which is made with the lips pressed against and slightly into the mouthpiece. This causes the lip buzz sound to be projected into and through the tube. The sound of the drone can be affected in many ways, as any time that you change the airflow in any way, you affect the sound. This can be done as simply as blowing harder or softer or through more complex techniques. These techniques can be used singularly or collectively to create rhythms, mood and color.



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