Finger Mouthpiece

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Are there many ways to practice making the drone?

Finger Mouthpiece

You can hear the kind of buzz your lips are making without using a didgeridoo. Sometimes this helps understand the concept and get the drone more easily. Do this by creating a mouthpiece using your thumb and forefinger. With your thumb facing you and in a horizontal plane, take your forefinger and bend it so that it touches the back of your thumb roughly between the first and second knuckle of your finger. This will create a roughly formed mouthpiece and opening. Now tilt your thumb to a roughly 45 degree angle and practice making your lip buzz into this opening. You can easily hear the different kinds of sounds you can get by changing your lip tension and degree of separation. The sound will of course be different when it comes out of your didgeridoo, but this will help you understand the concepts.



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