Didgeridoo Use

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Can anyone play the didgeridoo?

Didgeridoo Use

More didgeridoo tips: In a traditional aboriginal setting the didgeridoo was used in both sacred and non-sacred settings. Because of this the didgeridoo could be used by both initiated and non-initiated males, but only by initiated men in ceremonies of appropriate spiritual significance. Traditional aboriginal society held strong beliefs about the separation of male and female responsibilities and rights, and the didgeridoo was strictly a man's instrument. When in a traditional aboriginal setting, even today, women should respect the local aboriginal culture and refrain from playing and thus breaking an eons old taboo. The didgeridoo was used in ceremony, corroboree, celebration and for just plain fun. In ceremony and corroboree it was normally used to accompany the songman, who sang the stories of the dreamtime. It added color to the stories and assisted other participants with the timing of their parts in the predetermined, prescribed order of things. For fun and general entertainment the didgeridoo was played to suit the player and his personal creativity. Today the didgeridoo is used worldwide by both males and females in an ever expanding variety of musical forms and combinations. It is also used as a form of meditation for both players and listeners as well as a healing tool by some.



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