Didgeridoo Origins

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What is the history of the didgeridoo?

Didgeridoo Origins

The didgeridoo is generally accepted to be the oldest woodwind and perhaps even the oldest instrument of all. Traditional aboriginal myth and legend say that the didgeridoo has been present since the beginning of time when it was used by the great Dreamtime Creators to help sound the world into form. The didgeridoo was traditionally used in only a relatively small part of the vast continent of Australia, including the northern third of the Northern Territory, west into the Kimberly Range of Northern Australia, and perhaps east into western Queensland bordering on the Gulf of Carpentaria. Today, however, the didgeridoo has become a pan aboriginal instrument, tying together the identities of many hundreds of different tribal groups with its haunting and unmistakable sound as well as its opportunity for economic and artistic growth.



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