Authentic Didgeridoos

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How are didgeridoos made?

Authentic Didgeridoos

Didgeridoo Tips:
A didgeridoo is a musical instrument made from a long narrow tube of varying sizes. It amplifies and enriches the lip buzz sound made by the player in much the same way as a brass instrument does, except without the valves or slides. Authentic didgeridoos come from Australia and are made by the aboriginal people. These didgeridoos are made from the trunks of small eucalyptus trees which have been hollowed out by white ants (termites). The aboriginals search through the bush, tapping on the trunks of young trees, looking for ones that have been appropriately hollowed. When they find one they cut the tree in such a manner that it will resprout. They take the trunk and clean out the hollowed middle with sticks, and remove the bark so that the instrument will have greater resonance and can be decorated. Most didgeridoos will range from around 44 to 60 inches long. They have a mouthpiece end and an end with a wider opening where the sound comes out. Length and diameter of the bore will determine the pitch. Longer and narrow bore instruments give off the lower pitches. Shorter and wider bores create higher pitches. The wider the bell on the sound end of the didgeridoo, the higher the pitch and the greater the sound projection. Most average size didgeridoos have pitches ranging from C through E. Each didgeridoo will have its own sound and playing characteristics as a result of being naturally (and thus irregularly) hollowed and formed. Traditional didgeridoos were decorated or not based on the planned use of the instrument as well as the makers personal wishes.



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