# 3: Wilderness Adventure, Tasmania

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What can I do in Tasmania?

# 3: Wilderness Adventure, Tasmania

There's scope in Tasmania for every kind of wilderness adventure - from hard multi-day bushwalks to relaxing day trips from a comfortable base camp. We can arrange them all, in an area of the state that best suits your needs.
On our small island there are many opportunities for adventurous travel of all kinds. Whether you want to climb high peaks, explore rainforest or walk deserted beaches. We can find a place to do it.
Some people like to carry their own gear - others are happy with a day pack. We can put together a team of porters to do the grunting for you. Let them worry about their backs and knees, while you enjoy the scenery!
Believe it or not, we've taken a cordon bleu chef into the wilderness, and backpacked crayfish and Tassie champagne. But we're just as comfortable with fuel stoves and freeze-drieds. Which way do you want to go?
We know how to plan a Tasmanian wilderness adventure to suit your ambitions, fitness and budget. Our mountains and wild coastlines are waiting for you. Phone Richard Bennett today - or jot a note on your business card and mail it to us, and we'll send you a fact sheet detailing some of the exciting possibilities for your Tasmanian adventure.
Wilderness Adventure, Tasmania



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