Beach do's and don'ts

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What is Surf lifesaving?

Beach do's and don'ts

- Always swim or surf at places patrolled by surf lifesavers or lifeguards.
- Swim between the red and yellow flags. They mark the safest area to swim.
- Always swim under supervision or with a friend.
- Read and obey signs.
- Don't swim directly after a meal.
- If you are unsure of surf conditions, ask a lifesaver or lifeguard.
- Never run and dive in the water. Even if you have checked before, conditions can change.
- If you get into trouble in the water, don't panic. Raise your arm for help, float and wait for assistance.
- If caught in a rip, float with the current or undertow. Stay calm. Don't try to swim against it. Signal for help and wait for assistance. Areas of discoloured (brown) water usually signal a rip.



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