Thylacine (tasmanian tigers)

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What can I see in Tasmania?

Thylacine (tasmanian tigers)

Thylacine (tasmanian tigers)
The last thylacine died in captivity in 1936. Since then they have been classified as extinct but many people claim to have seen them in remote bush areas. Just in case any have survived they have been declared protected animals. The thylacine is a marsupial - a mammal that bears young that are very small and only partly formed. The young crawl through the mother's fur to her pouch, and live there until they have grown and developed limbs and can follow their mother. The thylacine is light brown with dark brown stripes across its back and is about as big as a medium-sized dog. During the late 1800s and early 1900s farmers and bounty hunters protected sheep by killing hundreds of thylacines. Nowadays this probably extinct animal is part of the logo of Tourism Tasmania and often appears in other government logos.



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