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How do I get an Australian Visa?


Australia is a beautiful country free from many pests and diseases found elsewhere in the world. It's vital you declare anything that could harm our wildlife, agricultural industries and plants, including fresh and packaged food, fruit, eggs, meat, vegetables, seeds, animals, plants and items made from plants or wood. Amnesty bins are available for unwanted items as you leave your aircraft on arrival in Australia.
If you've declared any food, plant or animal items on your Incoming Passenger Card make sure you use the red channel exits from the baggage halls where you'll be directed to a quarantine officer to have your items inspected. Many items will be allowed in after inspection or treatment; for banned items, you may be given an option to re-export them.
Quarantine officers use detector dog teams, X-ray machines and random baggage checks to detect undeclared quarantine items. If you conceal items or quarantine concern, you may receive an on-the-spot fine or you could be prosecuted.
The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service has information for travellers available on its website.



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