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How do I phone in Australia?


Australia has a modern telephone system which enables you to make local calls, long distance call within Australia (STD) and International Direct Dialling (IDD).
Local calls from Telstra public payphones are untimed and charged at 40c. Public payphones accept all Australian coins and Telstra Smart Phonecards that can be purchased from most newsagents and retail outlets.
Creditphones accept most participating credit-card suppliers including Visa and can be found at international and domestic airports, central-city locations and many hotels.
Country Direct is a service that lets you speak directly with an operator in your home country or you can use an automated service.
Mobile phones are available for rent, alternatively bring your own mobile phone with you. Australia's mobile network operates on the 900 & 1800 band for GSM and 800 for CDMA. Telstra MobileNet has international roaming agreements with many countries. Please contact your telecommunications carrier for activating international roaming while you're visiting Australia.



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