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What is shopping like in Australia?


Big department stores, arcades, malls, gift shops, fashion boutiques and specialty stores abound in Australia. Good buys include quality Australian opals and other precious or semi-precious stones, sheepskins and leather goods, Australian fashion, Aboriginal artefacts and paintings. Philatelic desks at main post offices sell sets of souvenir stamps. Duty free shops are located in city centres and at international airports. Shops attached to galleries, museums and many other tourist attractions are stocked with an excellent range of interesting souvenirs.
Shopping hours vary from state to state but generally big department stores open from 9am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday with late night shopping either on Thursday or Friday until 9pm; and 9am - 5 pm on Saturday. Some states have Sunday trading and major stores open from 10am - 4pm.
While you are here, you are covered by Australia's consumer protection laws. This means if you buy something and it doesn't work as advertised you have a right to a refund or to have the article replaced or repaired. General information on consumer laws can be found at the Consumer Affairs Division's web site.



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