Croc attack prevention

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What do I do if attacked by a Crocodile?

Croc attack prevention

Croc attack prevention

There are thousands of attacks and fatalities from saltwater crocodiles in Australia and Asia, and from Nile crocodiles in Africa, here are a few prevention tips:

1. Do not swim or wade in areas crocodiles are known to inhabit.
2. Do not swim or wade alone, and always check out the area before venturing in.
3. Never feed Crocodiles.
4. Do not dangle arms and legs from boats, and avoid throwing unused bait or fish from a boat or dock.
5. Do not harass, try to touch or capture any croc.
6. Leave babies and eggs alone. Any adult crocodile will respond to a distress call form any youngster.

In most cases attacking crocodiles have been fed by humans prior to the attack. Feeding them seems to cause crocodiles to lose their fear of humans and become more aggressive.

Edited extract from ‘Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel.
Published by: Chronicle Books and available from Hardie Grant Books.



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