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Where is Cairns?


When you think of the tropical regions of Australia, particularly Queensland, what come to mind are Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.
This is fascinating tropical country, from the hinterland rainforests to the reefs in the ocean -- even to the dangers of saltwater crocodiles, the dreaded box jellyfish, and sharks. Wild mangroves are a known haunt of saltwater crocodiles so steer clear of unfamiliar mangrove areas. These crocs attack humans unlike their freshwater cousins, also found in northern Queensland and the Northern Territory, which will usually not attack unless provoked. Both these crocodiles are protected species.
The box jellyfish, which has enough poison to kill three adults, is usually present in Queensland's northern coastal waters between the months of October and May. Always ask the locals about the state of the coastal waters where you are.
As for sharks, it's always wise to check that the seas where you want to swim, snorkel or dive are safe.



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