Driving In Australia

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Driving In Australia

How to Drive in Australia
Here are basic points to remember when seeking to drive a motorcar in Australia.

Be sure you have a valid driver's licence.
Keep to the left-hand side of the road.
If there's more than one lane in the direction you're going, the leftmost lane is for slower vehicles.
If you need to overtake the vehicle ahead of you, overtake on the right.
Do not cross double centre lines.
Give way to police cars, ambulances and fire trucks whose sirens or flashing lights are activated.
Drive slowly and carefully past stopped school buses.
Follow the speed limits at all times.
At a roundabout, enter the roundabout after ascertaining it is safe to do so. Traffic in a roundabout goes clockwise.
In a multi-lane roundabout, keep right if you intend to turn right..
Activate your left-turn signal when getting ready to exit a roundabout.
When stopped at traffic lights, do not turn left on red unless posted signs allow it.
If you've been drinking don't drive unless you're sure your alcohol reading is no more than .05.
You and your passengers must have seatbelts fastened.


Practise driving on roads with light traffic.
It is easier to drive on highways and freeways where there are no turns to worry about for long stretches at a time.
Have a basic knowledge of local traffic regulations.



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