Blue-ringed Octopus

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What animals can be found in Australia?

Blue-ringed Octopus

Be sure to avoid the blue-ringed one (Octopus maculosus).

This is a small octopus found in eastern Australia and marked by blue to purple banding. It has a highly venomous bite.

Also watch out for:

Snakes, when traveling through bush or undergrowth. There are several poisonous species.

Barrier Reef cone shells.

Stonefish, which looks like a flat piece of rock on the sea bed but isn't. Found in tropical waters.

Avoiding attacks

To avoid bites and other assorted attacks, it's best when outdoors to always be fully clothed without any bare skin showing or open to attack. (Not much fun on the beach, but you can, of course, go bare in safe areas.)

When walking, be sure to have protective shoes on, meaning the feet should be fully covered.

When you consider a list of nasties you may meet on a visit to Australia, it may look like there's quite some danger in traveling in the country. This is extremely far from the truth, especially if you only stay in cities and towns.

The point is it's always best to know what and where dangers may exist and how best to avoid them.



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