The People

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What is the Geography of the ACT?

The People

Like most cities in Australia, Canberra contains a myriad of people encompassing all walks and religions of life. The presence of embassies contributes to the variety of citizens in Australia's capital, although the city is not quite as multicultural as Melbourne or Sydney.

Many of the people who live in Canberra were not born there, and are there to work or study for a few years before moving on.

The average income in Canberra is around $100 higher per week than anywhere else in Oz. The educational level is higher in Canberra than anywhere else in the country, and 4.5% of the population hold a postgraduate degree, in comparison to the Australia-wide average of 1.8%.

In 2006, the population of the Australian Capital Territory was 333,667. On 869 of this was people living outside of Canberra.



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