Green Tree Ants

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What can I see in Queensland?

Green Tree Ants


The Green Tree Ant.
These ants found in the tropical climates of North Queensland are interesting to say the least. They Build their nests by making a line along a leaf and pulling it toward another. Meanwhile, other ants have gone to the nursery to get a lavae, which contains the precious silk which will stick these leaves together, it is then returned to the nursery and another one brought out for the building process. Just a small part of what becomes a nest approx. 1'6" long X 10" round.

Green Tree Ants are not agressive naturally, though will attack in numbers if provoked. They bite, but that does not sting, they break the skin with a bite then secrete an acid into the bite which really does sting, so best to observe them from a distance!

The other interesting thing is, the base of their abdomen secretes a citrus/menthol tasting oil, yes people have tasted it! In fact the Aboriginal women used it, rubbed onto their nipples during feeding to relieve children with breathing or digestion problems.



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