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What are some towns in Tasmania?


Queenstown Tasmania: On the A10, 30km inland from the midwest coast. The town was established in the 1890s when copper was discovered in the surrounding mountains. The mountains, stripped by mining of all their vegetation, became a tourist attraction, but technology has progressed and the vegetation is now slowly returning. The town has an interesting collection of timber architecture left from early mining days and is the main focus of the national project to restore the old and rare Abt railway. There is an excellent museum that covers a hundred years of mining and community development in the area. The road into and out of the town passes through stark mountain scenery and drivers need to keep their wits about them.



4/4/2009 4:14:58 AM
Lorraine and Shaz said:

Be prepared for all the corners...If you get car sick...Maybe you should be the driver....Get to the lookout and read the notice board. Have a break there maybe even a coffee if prepared.


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