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What are some towns in Tasmania?


Hobart Tasmania: the capital of Tasmania. It lies in the southeast at the foot of Mount Wellington, near the mouth of the River Derwent. The 19th century waterfront warehouses once bustled with whalers, soldiers, petty bureaucrats and opportunist businessmen. Now there are cafes, restaurants and studios in the old warehouses, and they bustle with shoppers and visitors. Polished glass winks in the windows of settlers' cottages, brass doorknobs gleam in the lofty porches of colonial edifices. Square-riggers still put out on the river, tacking among the yachts and fishing boats.



4/4/2009 5:35:31 AM
Lorraine and Shaz said:

I liked around Lauderdale and to Opossum Bay Its opposite Margate and Snug...Now thats a nice little place....The Huon Valley and the road down there and past it to Dover is nice to....We have covered just about all of tassie except the dense area . I love Tassie


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