Mount Wellington

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Where is Tasmania?

Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington
On a clear day drive 22km to the top of Mount Wellington, which you've seen every day since you arrived in Hobart. And every day it's been different - bathed in a rosy glow at dawn, resplendent in the noonday sun, darkly silhouetted at dusk. From the top you'll see miles and miles up the Derwent Valley, down to the Southern Ocean and across to Port Arthur. The inlets, bays, hills and this beautiful city are spread out in a stunning panorama, explained in detail in the lookout at the summit.



4/4/2009 4:20:56 AM
Lorraine and Shaz said:

This is a MUST even when the wind is blowing just to have a look at the view. Maybe you will see how cold it does get at certain times.
There is a building there to warm up and then go out again.(No Heater just to thaw out)


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