Gladys Moncrieff

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Gladys Moncrieff

Gladys Moncrieff (1892–1976)
Gladys Moncrieff was born in Queensland. As a child, she toured the state giving concerts and was advertised as 'Little Gladys ? the Australian Wonder Child'. She became more and more well known as a singer and was very popular. In 1921 she had a big success playing Theresa in a musical called Maid of the Mountain at the Theatre Royal in Melbourne. She sang the part nearly 3000 times. She also sang in England and New Zealand. People in Australia were pleased to have a singer from their own country as a star. Moncrieff became known as 'Australia's Queen of Song' and then 'Our Glad'.
Moncrieff made records and films and appeared on television shows. Her life has been remembered on stamps.



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