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Tan Le

Tan Le (1978– )
Tan Le was born in Vietnam in 1978. Because of the war in her country, her family escaped to Australia when she was four years old. She was so clever and hard working at school that she went to university when she was only 16.
Since then, Le has worked very hard to help Vietnamese people in Melbourne, Victoria. She became the president of a group that works with immigrants and helps them find jobs. It also tries to help with other problems Vietnamese-Australians might have. Le has raised money for a number of poor people in Melbourne's West. She has also recorded tapes of Vietnamese newspapers for the Victorian Association of the Blind. She is now working to help people do business with Asian countries.

In 1998, she was named Young Australian of the Year and a television program has been made about her life.



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gdri said:

you are awsome

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you are awsome to have a job that helps others


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