Louisa Lawson

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Who is Henry Lawson ?

Louisa Lawson

Louisa Lawson (1848–1920)
Louisa Lawson was born near Mudgee in New South Wales. She was a clever and thoughtful girl who married at 18 and moved to a bark hut on the goldfields with her husband. Her life there was hard and lonely. Her husband was often away, leaving Louisa alone to bring up their small children on very little money. One of her children was the famous writer Henry Lawson. In 1883, she left her husband and moved to Sydney.
Louisa spent the rest of her life working to help other women. She ran groups to improve their health and the way they lived. She always encouraged them to help themselves. She published a magazine to give women information, called The Dawn, which lasted 17 years. Lawson only employed women on the magazine and many male publishers did not like this. She also fought all her life for women to be given the right to vote.

Her life is remembered on stamps.



10/6/2009 1:41:50 AM
Trish said:

U GO GIRL.she fought for our rights to vote and if it wasn't for her women still probly can't vote.u go girl

8/23/2011 5:30:08 AM
Lila said:

I found this very intresting!

11/7/2011 9:08:24 PM
benny said:

need more info


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