Henry Lawson

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Henry Lawson

Henry Lawson (1867–1922)
Henry Lawson is one of Australia's best known writers. He was the son of Louisa Lawson, who is famous for working for women's rights. Henry often wrote about the hard lives of poor country people in Australia. His own life was a hard one, starting with his birth in a bark hut with a dirt floor. The family had very little money and Lawson's father was often away. Lawson's stories were very popular and taught city people a lot about life in the country. Some people could not understand why he wrote about such ordinary Australians but most people enjoyed the mixture of humour and sadness in his stories.
His life is honoured in street and park names in many places, including Sydney. The town of Lawson in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales is named after him. His picture has also appeared on stamps.



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