Threats: Overfishing

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What are the major threats to the Great Barrier Reef?

Threats: Overfishing

This type of grouper may be overfished in some parts of the Great Barrier—at least partly due to its popularity in Asia, where diners often order it live from restaurant aquariums. Concerns for the coral trout aside, fishing is strictly regulated on the Great Barrier, but countless other reefs aren't so lucky. Elsewhere many are obliterated by blast fishing—in which reefs are often blown to bits in hopes of an easy catch—and cyanide poisoning, the dark secret of the aquarium trade.In cyanide fishing, divers generally squirt the toxin onto coral reefs, then search the newly dead reef for live-but-stunned fish—or so they hope. More than half of all fish caught this way die in the poisoning process or in shipping.



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