Titan triggerfish

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What is a Nudibranch?

Titan triggerfish

Titan triggerfish
At up to 2.5 feet (75 centimeters) long, titans are the largest of the triggerfish, which wield an intimidating arsenal of hunting behaviors. Squirting water from their mouths and flapping their fins, triggerfish “dig” for crabs, worms, and other prey. When attacking sea urchins, triggers often flip them over, exposing their less spiny undersides. It all adds up to a predator so successful that smaller fish swim in its wake and survive on its scraps.The trigger is equally resourceful, and tenacious, when it comes to egg rearing. After female triggers lay their eggs in nests on the seafloor—a rarity among reef fish—they continually blow water on them to ensure a good oxygen supply. They're also known to put the bite on approaching fish or photographers swimming in for a close-up.



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