Vegemite #2

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What is vegemite?

Vegemite #2

Vegemite is a favourite spread among Australians. It is a concentrated yeast extract. I will quote the jar:
'Vegemite-Australian Born and Bread.
The vegemite story started in 1923 and was made from many essential ingredients.
One of them was Fred Walker, entrepreneur and founder of Fred Walker & Co. After war had delayed supplies of yeast extracts, Fred enlisted the help of Dr. Callister to make a new one. After many attempts they developed a spread that would fit the bill. But what to name it? The company couldn't decide, so they ran a competition. The response was overwhelming and there was only one fair way to decide the winner.
Fred's daughter, Sheilah pulled a name from a hat. That name was "Vegemite", and an Australian icon was born. At the same time Fred Walker joined forces with a Canadian, James Kraft to start a joint venture-the Kraft Walker Cheese Company. We have been making Vegemite in Melbourne since the inception of the Kraft Walker Cheese Company in 1926. And it is from here that we continue to put a rose in every cheek.'
Yeast Extract, Salt, Mineral Salt, Malt Extract, Natural colour(150),
Vegetable Extract, Thiamine,
Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate.



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