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What are the cities/towns of Queensland?


The Townsville region extends from Bowen in the south and to Mission Beach in the north. The region has a colourful history shaped by Aboriginal tribes, miners, pastoralists and war. Remnants of these times are evident in the colonial architecture, historic pubs, museums and displays of gold mining machinery and cottages. Townsville is the main administrative, commercial and manufacturing city of northern Queensland.
1360km from Brisbane and 4 hours south of Cairns, Townsville is a relaxed coastal city renowned for its magnificent tropical climate. At the base of Castle Hill, a 300 metre red granite outcrop, Townsville is a charming blend of old and new.



9/3/2011 7:14:11 PM
lovintownsville11 said:

mad info, very descriptive and detailed.However if features of townsville were included in the passage it would've made it more MAD!!!
still great work!!


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