Hinterlands National Parks WA

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What are some places to visit in Western Australia?

Hinterlands National Parks WA

Hinterlands National Parks
Dryandra State Forest
Dryandra State Forest covers 27,000 hectares on the western edge of the Central Southern Wheatbelt. The Forest, which consists of a number of discontinuous blocks, is an important area for nature conservation. Many endangered species survive there including mammals such as Western Australia's fauna emblem, the Numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus).
Dryandra is a remnant of the open eucalypt woodlands which covered much of the wheatbelt. As these woodlands generally grow on more fertile soils, they have now largely been cleared to create farmland. Land clearing in the wheatbelt began in the late 1890's, and native vegetation is now restricted to reserves, including road sides, rock outcrops and salt lake fringes where land is unsuitable for agriculture.
Dryandra contains at least twenty species of native mammals and over 100 species of birds. Spring is the best time to view the many wildflowers.
Camping is not permitted in the forest, but the Dryandra Village, or the nearby town of Narrogin, provide a base for you to stay.



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