Tarra Bulga National Park

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Tarra Bulga National Park

Just north-west of Yarram is the famous Tarra Bulga National Park.
It takes its name partly from the Aborigine Charlie Tarra who accompanied explorer Paul Edmund de Strzelecki through the area in 1840. Strzelecki's party would have perished if not for the hunting skills of Tarra.
The park is the veritable jewel in the crown of what the locals call Tarra Territory". The park is comprised of two sections - Tarra and Bulga. These lush areas of rainforest are all that remain of a great forest of trees which at one time covered all of Gippsland. Noted for their towering mountain ash and thick cover of ferns, both sections of the park are linked by the Grand Ridge Road.
The Park has plenty of walking tracks, a picnic area and a host of wildlife, including the remarkable lyrebird.



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