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What are the Cities/towns of Victoria?


Sale is the biggest centre in the area and it is here that you can view the acclaimed textile art of the famous wildlife artist Annemieke Mein. A key source of her inspiration is the wetlands of the Sale Common. For thousands of years this labyrinth of marshes, rivers and lakes has provided a haven for a vast range of wildlife.
Sale is just a 20 minute drive from the famous 90-Mile Beach, the slender strip of coast which helps separate the remarkable Gippsland Lakes from the ocean. These are comprised of three lakes - King, Victoria and Wellington. These lakes are fed by four navigable rivers - Latrobe, Mitchell, Nicholson and Tambo.
The Lakes incorporate picturesque resorts such as Paynesville, Metung, Loch Sport, Rotamah Island, Golden Beach and Seaspray. Sufficiently protected from the ocean winds, and without any rocks to contend with, the Gippsland Lakes provide an ideal boating venue for cruisers, yachts and small craft.
To a large degree the area is very much as it was when explorer Angus McMillan visited here in the 1840s and this is mainly due to the establishment of national parks covering almost 20,000 hectares.



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