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What are the Cities/towns of Victoria?


Nearby is the historic Port Albert, discovered in 1841 by Angus McMillan. It is Victoria's oldest seaport and the first settlement in Gippsland. Its size belies the major role it played in the opening up of the whole region. McMillan happened upon Port Albert during his search for a southern port through which to ship livestock between New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land.
Throughout the 1840s more settlers arrived , gradually shipping, banking, stock and other businesses were established.
When gold was discovered at Walhalla and Omeo, Port Albert became a shipping point for something other than cattle. Its relevance as a transport hub began to decline following the establishment of the South Gippsland rail line in the 1890s.
A walk through Port Albert will reveal some 12 historic buildings all with plaques affixed.
Today the town is best known for fishing. It provides access not only to Bass Strait but to 220 square kilometres of sheltered estuaries. Catches include flathead, snapper, king george whiting, bream, salmon, perch and mulloway.



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